Male Domain

Male Domain

Why a men's section?

Mens skin is different to women, not only is it thicker but also more oily. Consequently it brings its own unique problems that require different solutions. Kachina's treatments are designed to treat men's skin, be it weather ageing, shaving issues, cleansing and basic skin care.

Thick Skinned - Yet Sensitive Facial (for environmental damage)

Moisturising and energising facial treatment for active men - all skin types.  The program provides strong oxidation effect, revitalises and nourishes the skin. Its anti-oxidative properties helps to reduce the effect of skin ageing and protect skin from environmental damage of sun wind and grime.

Grooming treatments for Men: Manicure, Pedicure & Waxing

Our range of grooming treatments for men will give you the upper hand and a pep in your step. Include: Waxing, Manicures & Pedicures.

Range of Full and Half Body, Neck and Shoulder, and Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, , Body Wraps, Body Exfoliation, Hydrotherapy, Tanning, etc. are available for men. 

Golfer's Tonic

Allow yourself to relax and dream of the perfect swing. Enjoy the rigorous combination of Moisturizing Facial and massage to soothe away those aches and pains and emerge fully relaxed and ready for the next challenge.

Facial with Essential Aromatherapy Oils Compresses
Massage Half Body
Please allow approx 60mins