About Us

Kachina Alternative Health & Beauty Centre’s core aim is to achieve a sense of wellness for its clients by integrating therapies & treatments for body and beauty. Founders of Kachina Alternative Health & Beauty Centre (formerly Kachina Natural Spa), Kevin & Martina Barrett, therapists with combined experience of 45 years, bring together in Kachina the combination of Alternative, Complementary, Holistic & Natural Beauty Care for a complete treatment with a focus for beauty from the inside and out. Therapists who practice in Kachina are highly qualified professionals who are experts in their fields and fully insured. Many treatments in Kachina are covered by, Laya Health Care, Vivas & VHI.

Kevin Barrett

Kevin graduated as a Classically Qualified Homoeopath followed by completion of a Postgraduate year. Kevin is highly respected and experienced in his field. He is the longest established Homeopath in Co Mayo. He is also qualified in the Area of Homotoxicology, Psychothereaputics, and has studied in-depth the Holistic approach to Health. He maintains strong links with Homeopathy in Europe to keep abreast of changes and advances in the field. He is a registered member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and the Register of Homeopaths.

Martina Barrett

Martina Barrett, MAR, MIRI, MNFSH, is renowned as a therapist and an educator. Martina has been in clinical practice since 1983 specializing in Reflexology and including Aromatherapy, Massage, Colour, Kinesiology, Counselling, Psychosynthesis, Body Treatments, Facial Treatments, plus others. She has studied Spiritual Psychotherapeutics to an advanced level  and has trained in various modes of vibrational healing work. She is a qualified tutor and runs her own accredited training courses in Reflexology & Anatomy & Physiology as well as a wide range of workshops. Martina is a registered member of a number of professional organisations.

Gosia Borowiecka

Gosia Borowiecka joined the Kachina Team in 2005 bringing with her advanced qualifications and experience. Gosia completed her basic training in Poland in 1990 and followed this with her Masters Beautician Certification and Pedagogical Training as Therapy Tutor. Gosia provides a full range of beauty treatments, facials, body treatments, indian head massage, wraps, exfoliation, earconing, all with her unique professional, gentle and spiritual approach.

Adriana Kelly

Adriana Kelly brings her charisma and professionalism to kachina. Adriana is a qualified  therapist, with ITEC Diplomas in Beauty, Facial & Body Treatments and Massage. She brings to her treatments her gentle and caring personality.

Seamus Hughes

Seamus Hughes first studied the “Dorn-Method” of working on the Spine under the tutelage of Doris Boham from Schwabch Germany.In 1989 he combined this study with studies in theoretical Anatomy & Physiology. ITEC Diploma. He continued to study under the tutelage of Mary Chambers the use of Trigger points in Massage, Moxibustion and Cupping. He graduated in Reiki to level 3 and followed this by studying with Bulgarian teacher, Ivan Yankov, the art of Yomeiho massage, a body massage with emphasis on the Spine and joints.

Seamus brings to his treatments a very individualised and unique approach to massage combined with his innate intuition and practical proficiency.

Stephen Naughton

Stephen Naughton, MNFSH, Is an intuitive natural healer with over 20 years experience. His natural healing abilities have  been augmented by further studies which include Theoretical Anatomy & Physiology, Touch for Health, Certified Healing Course with the Healing Trust Federation UK & Rieki.

Isabela Basombrio-Hoban

Isabela Basombrio-Hoban was introduced to, and learned about the healing power of Singing Bowls by Master Napalese musician and Master Singing Bowl practitioner Arjun Chainpure in Katmandu. She also received treatments and learned from Singing Bowl practitioners in Boudhanath, Nepal.  Her practice is in direct line with the origins of this therapy.  Isabela has a lot of experience with sound and music.  She is a musician who plays several musical instruments.  She is also a professonal Visual Artist and and Educator who has a Batchelor of Arts Degre in Journalism and Environmental Design and a Master’s Degree in Arts Education.