Natural Rejuvenation & Body Wellness

What is Natural Rejuvenation and Wellness of the body?

The unique author’s techniques of natural rejuvenation and wellness of the body are based on the physiological response of your body. It works on all levels: physical, psychosomatic, and also at the energy level. Your body will tell me in which direction to run the necessary processes.

Unlikely classical massage, where the specialist follows a trained pattern, I use an individual, Intuitive approach, following the pattern of deformations of the client. And by this approach I lunch deep recovery processes of the body. For bookings call Hanna 085 766 2652


The techniques I am working with:

  • Perceptual body correction
  • Perceptual face and body modelling
  • Perceptual visceral correction
  • Face and body facial modelling
  • Proprietary techniques of intraoral and intranasal massage
  • Perceptual face and body 3-D modelling
  • Perceptual in-depth 3-D body rejuvenation
  • Perceptual relief of psychosomatic disorders
  • Face and neck cupping massage

After first session 9 out of 10 clients see results such as:

  • Posture improvement
  • Restoration of the gastrointestinal track’s
  • Decrease premenstrual symptoms and cycle improvement
  • Reduced age-related changes in face and body
  • Reduced swelling,  double chin
  • Resolve any asymmetry

And many other beautiful things wich will change your life for the better.