🌟Come and indulge with one of our autumn warming treats ..

De-stressing Aromatherapy Massage with Glowing Facial €55

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Relax, sit back, and unwind🍁 🍂 With Kachina’s warming Autumn treat starting with a de-stressing massage with aroma oils which can do everything from energise to de-stress or re-invigorate as well as fight common aches and pains, leaving you relaxed, limber, and totally chilled followed by a beautiful facial incorporating anti-ageing vitamins H & E bringing moisturising firming activity leaving your skin looking glowing and radiant 


Refreshing Body Brush €38

Choose our New gentle energizing and stimulating Body Brush Treatment that leaves the whole body soft, smooth, and radiant. This full body brush massage is finished with Body Nectar Moisturizer rich with aromatic oils, minerals, and natural plant extracts. 

Dry body brushing is said to energize the body, increases circulation and blood flow, and stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system to smooth skin's surface, sweep away flakes and dry patches, and even out lumps and bumps, including cellulite.