Applied Tanning

If like us, you do not wish to breathe in your tan, and prefer your tan applied by hand our luxury tanning treatment is your answer. In Kachina we use He-She tanning products to bring a sunny glow to your face and body.

Full Body €30.00
3/4Body   €25.00
1/2 Body €20.00

Tanning Ergoline Classic Sunbed

Tanning bed UV Tanning Classic Sun

The Classic Sunbed, combines all the safety features of Ergoline into its conventional style. It is suitable for sensitive skins allowing you to tan comfortably with an optional facial booster to enhance the experience.


Excellent Brand Name

Ergoline is by far the world’s most popular sunbed brand name amongst salon owners and customers alike.

Proven Safety

All models carry the German TÜV seal and GS “tested safety” kitemark, and naturally the statutory CE label. All components are equipped with multiple backup safety features with an intelligent protection system, switching off automatically if a malfunction is detected.

Guaranteed Quality

All components used in Ergoline sunbeds are made of high-quality materials, which are all tested for resistance against UV light,  potential hazards as well as potential health risks. Ergoline were the first sunbed manufacturer to be certified by TÜV for compliance with the EN ISO 9001 quality standard, confirming their claim to quality.