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Anti-ageing Firming Coctail

+ Eye Bright treatment €60

Our most luxurious Facial to date has arrived at Kachina. This facial is not in our treatments list and is purely available as a special this month. It incorporates the use of specialised masks and serums combined with our secret weapon, our anti-radical restoring cream. It includes a full facial with full facial massage plus an added specialist massage around the eye area along with a cold compress soaked in our calming lotion to combat puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. All of the products used are safe to use with even the most sensitive of skins, and will leave skin feeling and looking soft, healthy and glowing.

Specialist colon Detox Massage €40

A unique massage specially designed to target stubborn fat. If you keep a well balanced diet and have regular exercise but find yourself feeling bloated then this is for you. Our specialised approach will detoxify the digestive system and body helping to get rid of that bloated feeling and speeding up metabolism. A special homeopathic remedy is also available with this treatment at the reduced price of €17 usually €25.

Aromatic Massage 1/2 Body€40 with Hydrotherapy bath€52

If you are looking for a way to de-stress, reduce anxiety and boost energy levels, look no further than our Aromatic massage. With all the benefits of our regular half body Swedish massage we have incorporated a special blend of pure essential oils for elevating energy or for de-stress to cater your mood all this for only €40, regular ½ body usually €42 and to complete your ultimate relaxing experience you can avail of our Hydrotherapy bath before the massage for only €12 more. Need we say more?

File&Polish Hands or Feet€12 both€22                                                                                                         

Spring has arrived in Kachina.  You can comfortably show off your hands and feet with our special on File & Polish only €12 or both for only €22.