Holistic Care

Facial Reflexology € 45

Facial Reflexology assists in lifting ann sculpting facial muscles and enhancing comlexion. Therefore is a natural anti-aging therapy.is improves blood and lymph flow, releases muscle tension & stimulates collagen production. It is particularly beneficial for blocked sinuses & dull complexion.


Dr Hauschka Reviving Facial €65.00

A holistic rhythmical treatment to unveil your natural beauty. Using hot towel compresses, gentle relaxation, reviving masks and lymphatic drainage routine to uplift and revive. Avail of this treatment to bring your skin back to life & relax your mind and body.   Available as either a full or mini facial.


Transcend The Ordinary Luxurious Facial €80.00

A Luxurious experience for a fresh complexion and relaxed state of mind. A herbal foot soak, soothing hand and foot massage, warm fragrant facial compress, lymph stimulation and Dr. Hauschka’s pure products to restore tranquillity to your being


Dr Stopa Callous Peel Foot Treatment45.00

If you have a build up of hard skin on heels and other areas of your feet our specialised Kachina’s nFoot Callous peel will give you unsurpassably smooth feet by effectively removing hard, dry and cracked skin.  This non-invasive foot treatment, without polish, beings with a soothing footbath and is followed by callous removal, cuticle work, nail work, leaving feet rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalised.  Monthly treatment ensures you have year around smooth and beautiful feet.   Only available from Kachina. 


Slim & Trim Colon Massage €45.00

This specialist massage is designed to help the body detox naturally and thus promotes a Flatter Stomach, Aids Slimming Programmes, Reduces Bloating, Relieves Constipation and gives an overall feeliing of wellbeing and lightness.  A must for anyone on any detox or weight loss programme.



Tum & Bum Body Sculpting  €55.00

Targeting stubborn cellulite and sagging skin.  This specialist massage uses a detoxfying oil mix which stimulates the removal of toxins from the thighs and abdomen. This massage is combined with infra red treatment to reach deep into areas of stubborn congestion. Overall results are increased detoxification and elimination to ensure maximum cleansing from the inside out.  A series of treatments is recommended and the treatment is at its most effective when combined with a good diet.€