Facial Care


Restore harmony to the skin, to let natural beauty shine forth from within
Kachina has a wealth of experience backed by dedicated research in providing facials that show real results.  Our facials have been chosen to provide a choice for all skin types, problem, age groups, skin concerns e.g. high sensitivity, allergy, redness, and oily shine.  Our product ranges have been chosen for their effectiveness in dealing with such diverse problems and provide specific solutions.

Dr Hauschka KACHINA Reviving Facial  60min €65.00

A holistic rhythmical treatment to unveil your natural beauty. Using hot towel compresses, gentle relaxation, reviving masks and lymphatic drainage routine to uplift and revive. Avail of this treatment to bring your skin back to life & relax your mind and body.

Available as either a full or mini facial 30min €45.00

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Transcend The Ordinary Luxurious KACHINA Facial 1,5 h €80.00

A Luxurious experience for a fresh complexion and relaxed state of mind. A herbal foot soak, soothing hand and foot massage, warm fragrant facial compress, lymph stimulation and Dr. Hauschka’s pure products to restore tranquillity to your being.


AA Oceanic Prestige Institute Facials:

Expert in sensitive skin care. AA Oceanic have developed a range of anti-allergenic cosmetics, supported by state of the art medical and cosmetic research for the complex care of the face and body. Its lines include products for the sensitive to the hypersensitive and has technologically advanced preparations designed for individual needs depending on condition and age - to keep the skin young and fresh.  This is a highly effective range of quality products and represents best value skin care on the market.

Glowing Skin Lift Express 30 min €40.00

Pansy & Vitamins for a radiant glowing skin.

A light textured mask using Pansy extract and anti-ageing Vitamins H&E from the Japanese Cherry brings deep moisturising & firming activity giving a glowing radiant effect to the skin. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES

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AA Deep Moisturisation Nourishing Treatment 60min €60.00

Hydra Complex Concentrate of Hyaluronic Acid to effect dep moisturising action of skin

Hydra rich treatment is designed for all skin types but particularly for deeply dehydrated skin that requires nourishment. A special massage brings moisture into the deeper layers of the skin  to achieve an effective and long-lasting effect of moisturizing the skin from the inside at each level. It results in wrinkles being smoothed out and the skin becoming more firm.

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AA Pure Skin Deep Purifying 60min  60 /Acne Extraction 75 min 70

Gogi Berry fruits for oily skin with breakouts

This treatment is based on a deep cleansing mask with AHA Acids 7 Gogi Fruit extracts combined with manual extractions. The soothing action of green clay mask & Algae extract rich in micro-eements to help reduce redness, inflammation & irritation ensuring a clear and calm skin.

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AA Anti-Ageing Firming Cocktail 75min  €75.00

A unique combination of Vitamins, Collagen & Elastin to bring immediate visible effects

This luxury treatment including eye, neck & decolletage,is based on the latest  concentrate of collagen and elastine are massaged into the skin to stimulate & improve elasticity and smoothness.  Face contour remodeling mask, rich in rice and corn proteins & vitamins, ais in strengthening the skins own collagen and fibres, resulting in firmer, uplifted, more youthful looking skin.

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