Body Conditioning/Slimming



Tum & Bum Body Sculpting  €60.00

Targeting stubborn cellulite and sagging skin.  This specialist massage uses a detoxfying oil mix which stimulates the removal of toxins from the thighs and abdomen. This massage is combined with infra red treatment to reach deep into areas of stubborn congestion. Overall results are increased detoxification and elimination to ensure maximum cleansing from the inside out.  A series of treatments is recommended and the treatment is at its most effective when combined with a good diet.

Woman Anti Cellulite Treatment

Anti Cellulite Body Secret  €60.00

This slimming procedure helps scupt body curves and restore skin firmness and elasticity.  The active ingriedents of Green Coffee combine to stimulate and breakdown cellulite, improve lymph flow and remove excess toxins.  It helps reduce the "orange peel skin" effect ans supports and supplements any slimming  programme   A series of treatments is recommended